5th Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to Quality"


In the fifth issue of the bulletin On the Road to Quality Improvement, we examined the next phase of self-evaluation, in which the self-evaluation report is generated. There are reflections here on the meaning and function of the self-evaluation report, on the process of its creation and on the structure of the self-evaluation report. Also, headmasters of two primary schools shared their experience of creating reports on school self-evaluation. This issue also addressed the question of whether, with whom, and how to communicate the results of self-evaluation. We also deal with the issue of legislative changes. We also offer practical opportunities for ascertaining the climate of the school or class, and we also introduce questionnaires for teachers, students and parents, which can be found in the Annex. You will also learn what new has been happening in the project and will happen and what tools and other outputs can already be used.


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