Names of Evaluation Tools, which we have planned to provide

Names of Evaluation Tools, which we have planned to provide

Pupils School Achievement Motivation Questionnaire (MV-9)
Good School – Prioritizing  Tool for Schools
Pupils' Attitudes Questionnaire 
Anticipation and Analysis of People’s  Expected Reactions to Change
Teachers and Students Interaction Questionnaire 
Foreign Language Learning Strategies Questionnaire 
Teaching Staff Climate Questionnaire

Framework School Self-evaluation

Teaching Children to Learn (Observational Form)

360 Degree Feedback for School Middle Management

Involving ICT in School Life – School21 Profile

Analysis of the Internet Presentation of the School

Surveys for Parents

Graduates Group Audit

Classroom Climate

School Documentation Analysis

What forms and methods do we teach with? (Observational Form)

Formal and Informal education of Elementary School Pupils of the Primary Education

Surveys for Teachers

Surveys for Pupils

We understand well the results of testing

School Climate

The risks and weaknesses of school life through the eyes of children – preventing behavioural problems in school

Advisory Role of the School

Feedback by Graduates and Companies

Readiness of the School to Inclusive Education

Novice Teacher

Experienced Teacher

Mapping the Curriculum Objectives

Observational Form for Vocational Training