Practice enterprise Central Office

24.jpg Simulation of Real

Practice enterprises are being founded by secondary school pupils and higher vocational school students. A practice enterprise simulates real processes in companies, their products and services. 

The form, structure and role of a practice enterprise correspond to a real company, a practice enterprise also follows the same legislation and uses the same information from business practice. Practice enterprises trade with each other on the basis of common business practices. Their employees represented by pupils/students carry out all core business activities, for example purchase, sale, promotion or invoicing and accounting. In conditions of the Czech Republic, practice enterprises are being founded by pupils/students, who work under the supervision of their teachers and in collaboration with the Practice Enterprise Central Office that coordinates teaching in practice enterprises.

Czech Central Office – CEFIF is member of EUROPEN-PEN International association which associate 42 countries around the world.    

23rd International Trade Fair in Prague will be hold from 22nd to 24th March. Organizer is practice enterprise Antre, s. r. o. Closer information on organizer’s webpages.

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