Master Exam – System

C-OPZ-MSMT-MPSV.jpg The project aims at developing the system of master exam and master qualifications in the Czech Republic as a tool of education and training, and recognition of master craftsmanship, thus contributing to quality improvement of further education and training in the area of crafts. It is co-financed by the European Union.

In the project the elements of the master exam system will be developed and reviewed. For the different master qualifications those elements are their qualification and assessment standards, frameworks for the assignments of the master exams, curricula of training programmes and their textbooks. For that, the project will develop the necessary methodologies and design the processes for organising the master exams.

 What are the key objectives and expected benefits of master exams?


  • OPPORTUNITY FOR CRAFTSMEN PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN THEIR FIELD – while a secondary school graduate can further develop at higher professional schools, a bachelor in master studies, a master in doctoral studies, a craftsman has no such opportunity so far (the available supplementary programmes do not develop craftsman skills). The master exam offers a new goal for him/her, topping up his/her professional education and training, achieving the qualification level of EQF 5.
  • CONSUMER PROTECTION – making it possible for the customer to select a professional who will be able to guarantee the highest quality of work, do the most demanding work and deliver a „turnkey“ service.
  • MAKING THE MARKET MORE TRANSPARENT – A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF QUALITY SERVICES – promoting effectively customer awareness (including announcers of public tenders and procurement) about the quality services provided by masters.
  • EUROPEAN COMPATIBILITY AND RECOGNITION – a master qualification has to be compatible within the EU with regard to national specificities and traditions. Thus it will increase the chance for the master exam holders to get employment abroad (the standard of the master exam will become a Europass supplement, master qualifications will be referenced to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)).
  • CRAFTS ESTEEM - increasing the overall craftsman work quality „threshold“ and promoting the image of crafts and their social perception will thus increase the interest of youth (and parents) in craftsman education and training.


Project start

1 November 2017

Project end

31 October 2021

Registration number of the project


Grant Recipient

National Institute for Education


CZK 109 573 587,00