pkap.jpg Modernization of Vocational Education and Training project (MOV) develops the quality of vocational education and training and promotes integration of school leavers into the labour market. It is funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds and implemented by the National Institute for Education. 

The project deals with the general and vocational component of education in secondary VET schools and focuses on promoting integration of school leavers into the labour market. Modernization of school curricula (school educational programmes) is a way to achieve its goals. Secondary VET schools gain methodological support for designing and adapting their educational programmes. This will allow schools to improve the quality of their educational programmes and better respond to up to date needs of the labour market. The project deals with linking initial VET to qualifications of the National Register of Qualifications and also supports schools in organising practical training in cooperation with employers.

The main objectives of the project are to:

  • Modernize the general education component of the VET curriculum at the provider (school) level and promote students’ key competences necessary for their successful integration into the labour market and for lifelong learning;
  • Modernize the secondary VET curriculum through reinforcing the fundamentals of VET at the provider level and, at the same time, put emphasis on students’ vocational competences, which are also relevant for continuing professional development and integration into the labour market;
  • link initial VET to qualification structure of the National Register of Qualifications;
  • Extend and increase the efficiency of VET students’ practical training in cooperation with employers;
  • design a digital environment for the development and innovation of school educational programmes and for sharing methodological and educational materials;
  • Create sets of complex tasks/assignments, educational projects and inspiring practice examples and ensure their application in a sample of school educational programmes.

General administrative data

Project start

May 1, 2017

Project end

April 30, 2020

Project registration number


Grant recipient

National Institute for Education


96 964 737 CZK