Talents and talented pupils

The talented pupils require specific educational approaches, their planning and implementation is difficult and go beyond the regular duties and activities carried out daily by every teacher.      

An extraordinary talent can be manifested in extraordinary performances in more areas of education, but also as an increased interest, creativity or above-average skills and/or knowledge in only one specific area. The specific type of a talent relates with the chosen field of study within the vocational education. It is thus important to recognize, capture and systematically develop the talents of a particular pupil not only within the general education, but also at secondary vocational and technical schools.

In order to be able to give the needed attention and care to talented pupils, we need to get acquainted with the topic concerning talents and talented pupils from different perspectives. We are talking mainly about the needed insight into the area of searching of talented and the diagnostic of talents, about specific approaches suitable for the education of talented pupils and about the effective usage of those methods in education.  It is also important to know the possibilities concerning hobbies and extra-curricular activities, so that we can advise pupils and parents how to develop the talents within the leisure time effectively. A part of the care of talented pupils is a provision of pedagogic-psychological services, profession and career guidance.