Counselling servicies

Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre

The National Institute for Education is at the same time a pedagogical-psychological centre and is as such registered in the Register of Schools and Educational Facilities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 

NÚV Consultation Centre

All questions concerning the educational process or particular questions about the school life are answered by the employees of the NÚV Consultation Centre. 

The National Youth Information Centre

The employees of the National Information Youth Centre (NICM) provide information and consultation services for free, mainly to youth but also to adults.  

National Europass Centre Czech Republic

The employees of the client centre of the National Europass Centre Czech Republic are prepared to answer every question, for example how to document qualifications, language skills and experience from a period of study or work abroad. They can also help individuals to issue the Certificate Supplement, to prepare a curriculum vitae or the European Skills Passport.