Workshop on Self-evaluation Tools

The aim of the workshop was to spread the word about the offers of the project among the participants and, in particular, to familiarize the participants with evaluation tools that were developed within the project Road to Quality Improvement. Workshops were organized for evaluation instruments Framework for School Self-evaluation and 360° Feedback for the Middle Level Management of the School. In addition, the participants were informed about other evaluation tools of the project. The participants became familiar with the characteristics of the evaluation tools; they could try to control the electronic software support for the tools in practice and discussed the tools and interpretation of evaluation reports provided by the tools.

Sub-objectives achieved through workshops on self-evaluation tools

• Inform about the evaluation tools featured in the project.

• Improve understanding of the characteristics of different evaluation tools.

• Improve control of the software support for individual evaluation tools.

• Increase understanding of self-evaluation processes in the school (including data interpretation and proposal of measures to be taken).

• Strengthen own responsibilities for the processes taking place in the school.

The way to achieve the objectives

The workshop on evaluation tools was based on a presentation of the overarching tool Framework for School Self-evaluation, human resources management tool 360o Feedback for the Middle Level Management of the School, other evaluation tools and the subsequent discussion about the aforementioned tools. The participants tried their hands at the electronic control of the tools presented on the evaluation tools portal ( and exchanged their experience with each other about the tools they use in their schools.