Analysies and data

NÚV assesses and compares the structure of the employment, newly accepted pupils and graduates and the unemployment of the graduates leaving the secondary and tertiary technical schools from the perspective of particular regions in the Czech Republic.

The NÚV regularly follows and evaluates data mainly from following areas:

  • Early school leaving from the secondary education” 
  • Distance study in the secondary vocational education 
  • Summary information on school leaver employment 
  • Structure of pupils in secondary vocational and tertiary technical education in the Czech Republic 
  • The unemployment of school leavers 
  • Transition of school leavers from schools to the labour market or their entry into the tertiary education 
  • Labour market needs 
  • The needs of employers
  • Labour force structure by occupation, industry and educational attainment in the context of the sphere of education 
  • The changes within the structure of the offer of secondary vocational schools