Recognition of prior learning

Within the process of the recognition of prior learning are recognised skills and knowledge gained by individuals during their lifetime or outside the school. 

This process was in the Czech Republic tested between years 2005-2008 within three following projects UNIV, UNIV2 – KRAJE (Regions) and UNIV 3 that were funded by the European Social Funds (ESF).Their goal was in general to support retraining courses. After completing them, the individuals should be prepared to pass an examination which is the prerequisite to acquire a new professional qualification. The individuals are tested according the assessment standards defined within the National Register of Qualifications, which ensures that the achieved qualifications are recognised by all employers in the whole Czech Republic.

Secondary schools (and tertiary technical schools) can pay thus their attention on the area of the professional (partial) education, in particularly on the adult education. It helps for example the crafts missing at the labour market to be brought back or their prestige can be raised again.