Besides conceptual, analytical and methodical activities (representing the core activities of the institute), NÚV also develops other activities and provides services for both practitioners and general public as well.

Counselling servicies 

  • Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre: The National Institute for Education is at the same time a pedagogical-psychological centre and is as such registered in the Register of Schools and Educational Facilities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. 
  • NÚV Consultation CentreAll questions concerning the educational process or particular questions about the school life are answered by the employees of the NÚV Consultation Centre.  
  • The National Youth Information CentreThe employees of the National Information Youth Centre (NICM) provide information and consultation services for free, mainly to youth but also to adults.  
  • National Europass Centre Czech Republic: The employees of the client centre of the National Europass Centre Czech Republic are prepared to answer every question, for example how to document qualifications, language skills and experience from a period of study or work abroad. 

Autonomous acitivities

Coordination, expert and counselling-consultation activities are an important part within the activities carried out by the National Institute for Education:

  • EQF Coordination Point: The EQF Coordination Point has been established in 2009 and its main tasks are to provide the qualifications levels within the National Qualifications System with references to the levels of the European Qualifications Framework and to provide all interested and involved persons with relevant information. It is also important to ensure that a transparent methodology is used to reference the national qualifications levels to the European Qualifications Framework. 
  • TTnet: The TTnet networks gathers educators of teachers of vocational subjects, practice and training, in-house company instructors and lectors of vocational education.
  • Practice Enterprises Centre (CEFIF): The Practice Enterprises Centre – CEFIF – coordinates activities carried out by a network of practice enterprises active in the Czech Republic, provides support and consultation services to pupils and teachers involved in practice enterprises. The centre is a member of the international network EUROPEN – Pen International gathering practice enterprises from all over the world.   
  • National Europass Centrum Czech Republic: The National Europass Centrum informs about Europass documents that help individuals to document work or study experience abroad or in the Czech Republic, as well as releases and publishes such documents. 
  • National Youth Information Centre: The National Youth Information Centre (NICM) provides information and carries out counselling activities. It focuses mainly on the area of education in the Czech Republic and abroad, offers for example new job opportunities, including summer /part-time jobs, work camps and volunteer activities.
  • The State Stenography Institute: The State Stenography Institute (STÚ) is a methodical centre coordinating the teaching of following subjects at secondary schools: written and electronic communication. The Institute supports contests and offers schools help with their organisation. The STÚ organises courses and seminars, publishes the magazine “Rozhledy” (Outlooks) that offers methodological texts for training of typing. 


Pedagogical staff and teachers from schools, education counselling facilities, facilities of institutional, protective and preventive educational care are offered courses prepared by the Pedagogical-Psychological Department of the National Institute for Education.

Typing courses for general public are organised by the State Stenography Institute located at the National Institute for Education.