NÚV is divided into following organisational entities: 

Directorate of the institute

  • Office of the Director
  • Spokesperson
  • Intern Auditor
  • Personal Department
  • Department for International Cooperation and Project Coordination

Section for General Education 

  • Department for Conception of Curricula, Quality and Evaluation in Education
  • Department of Quality of Evaluation
  • Department of Inclusive Education
  • Department for Mathematic, Scientific and Digital Education
  • Department for Maintenance and Development of the website (Methodological Portal) 
  • Department of Language, Social Sciences and Art education 
  • Department of Public Relations and Publicity

Sections for Analyses, Qualifications and Vocational Education

  • Department of the Labour Market and Education Analyses
  • Department for Development and Maintenance of the National Register of Qualifications
  • Department of Adult Education and Recognition
  • Department of Vocational Education Curriculum
  • CEFIF (Practice Enterprises Centre)
  • State Stenography Institute (STÚ)
  • Department of the National Youth Information Centre (NICM) – Career Guidance Centre (CKP)

Section for Pedagogic-Psychological Guidance, Prevention and Institutional Education

  • Department of Education Counselling Centre
  • Department of Development of Diagnostic and Intervention Instruments
  • Department of Equal Opportunities in Education, Education and School Counselling Services  
  • Department of Institutional and protective education and Risk Behaviour Prevention
  • Department of Continuing Education of Teachers

Economic section

  • Finance Department
  • Payroll Department
  • ICT Department
  • Department of Public Procurements
  • Department of Economic Activities