Educational Programs

Training of senior staff of schools and their teachers was carried out in two stages:


Coordinator of Self-evaluation

In June 2010, a 50-hour training program was attended by 217 participants. By popular demand, another course of the pilot study of this program was opened in the spring of 2012, which was attended by 220 students.

Education was organized in a full-time and e-learning form in five modules:

  1. Introduction to self-evaluation
  2. Planning for self-evaluation
  3. Process of self-evaluation
  4. Output of self-evaluation
  5. Evaluation of the self-evaluation process

Texts for download: Self-evaluation Coordinator (821.03 kilobytes)

Self-evaluation Consultant

In September 2010, a 20-hour educational program was held called Self-evaluation Consultant, which was attended in its first course in October 2011 by 29 graduates of the self-evaluation coordinator study program, and in its second course in March 2012 by 12 new graduates of the self-evaluation coordinator study program. In addition, another training program was held for selected self-evaluation consultants, who subsequently became mentors to the "new" consultants:

The educational program was structured as following:

  1. The role of the consultant and consulting procedures
  2. Personality of the consultant, fellow and expert approach, self-reflection of the   consultant
  3. Active listening
  4. The wording of the contract (the contract overt and hidden), implementation of the contract, recognition of client resistance and reaction to it
  5. Facilitation
  6. Feedback in consulting and ethics

Texts for download: Consulting Skills (474.92 kilobytes)

The training was organized in a full-time form as a 3-day trip.