Adult education / Qualifications /Recognition of education

Adult education begins after completing a level of education, in particular after the individuals enter the labour market for the first time. The individuals can gain during the adult education various knowledge, skills and competences necessary for their successful professional, civil and personal life.

Adult education, especially when of a high quality and widely available, helps individuals to place themselves better at the labour market, supports their personal development and thus also the social inclusion and the economic competitiveness in general. It is more than obvious, how important it is to create new opportunities for education in every period of the lifetime.

The NÚV solves within this area two complementary issues – the adult education and the recognition of prior learning, their development presents one of the prerequisite for the successful implementation of the concept of lifelong learning.

In the area of adult education, mainly within the professional and civil education, is the focus placed mainly on the methodological support and the quality assurance.  

In the area of recognition of prior learning NÚV focuses on the development of procedures and instruments which enhance the quality of the whole recognition process and make it more efficient. Part of the activities builds also the provision of information to individuals, authorised persons or authorising bodies or the preparation of measures enhancing the quality and the comparability of the recognition process.

NÚV cooperates closely within all its activities with various partners representing both the world of education and world of work as well.  


  • implements new instruments necessary for the recognition;
  • develops model specifications for examinations implemented according to the Act Nr. 179/2006;
  • takes part in the process of recognition based on the Act 179/2006 (number of persons, authorised persons);
  • takes part in the systematic education of persons who are involved in the authorisation process; 
  • takes part in the systematic education of guides in schools;
  • develops diagnostic information module;
  • develops model programmes for adult education linked to the standards of professional qualifications defined within the National Register of Qualifications;
  • supports the active participation of schools in the adult education;
  • provides methodical support for the providers of education (in the area of marketing, by the development of programmes of adult education, by the development of control mechanisms in the area of adult education);
  • takes part in the implementation of rating of institutions offering adult education, innovates it on the basis of the given feedback;
  • monitors adult education.

NÚV maintains the National Register of Qualifications, keeps the data in the information system up to date. At are published all approved standards of professional qualifications together with every relevant information for wide public and experts including the authorised persons and employers. The website Education and work maintained also by the NÚV is a practical instrument for all jobseekers, or those who are interested in enhancing their skills and their further professional development. It interconnects three target groups and key areas: jobseekers, education and training opportunities and enterprises searching new employers. It provides comprehensive information on offered courses, examiners and vacancies according to particular professional qualifications.