Education and labour market

It is important that school leavers entering the labour market receive already during the educational process training that enhances their employability. The school leavers should be able to adapt flexibly to new conditions, to respond to new tendencies and trends, and should be prepared to develop their potential and take adult training. However, this requires well-working connections between the world of education and the world of work allowing the school system to respond to the changing requirements and needs of the labour market. At the same time, it is important that the communication between the two worlds works well and effectively. 

NÚV ensures the monitoring of the labour market needs and provides thus a needed feedback to both the initial and adult education as well. NÚV offers within the Information System on the Labour Market Success of School-Leavers (available at information from sphere of the labour market and the education to following recipients: the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, regional authorities, labour offices of the Czech Republic, schools, pupils and their parents or employers. 

NÚV develops analytical documents for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on the coordination of the education and the labour market needs as a supportive documents for the conceptual and strategic decision making.