Primary prevention

In the area of primary prevention, the activities of NÚV focus on the cooperation, coordination and organisation of regularly held meetings of methodists of prevention, who work in pedagogic-psychological counselling centres and regional school prevention coordinators, further on the research activities in the area of school prevention and educational activities within the continuing education of pedagogical staff. Further area of activities is represented by working groups focusing on specific issues and by the certification of primary prevention programmes.   



The prevention can be regarded as a set of interventions aiming to avoid or reduce the occurrence and spreading of risk behaviour. The prevention of use of addictive substances underwent the fastest development. It became thus a main driver and creator of the process targeting on the development of prevention as a whole. Since 2012 the school primary prevention of risk behaviour distinguishes nine types of risk behaviour. The use of addictive substances represents one of them.

We divide prevention into three following categories: primary, secondary and tertiary.

The core of the primary prevention of risk behaviour is to prevent the development of risk behaviour by individuals who have not been threatened by the risk behaviour yet. For example the prevention of use of addictive substances by individuals who have not had any contact with drugs so far. The core of the secondary prevention is to prevent the emergence, development and persistence of risk behaviour by individuals threatened by the risk behaviour. For example the prevention of the development of drug addiction by persons who already use drugs.

The goal of the tertiary prevention is to prevent health disorders and social difficulties resulting from the risk behaviour. For example to prevent serious or permanent health or social damages resulting from the use of drugs.


Certification System for Primary Prevention Programmes

The Certification Body has been working by NÚV since 2013. Its main task is to inform those who provide primary prevention programmes about the certification process including all areas of risk behaviour -


System of Uniform Reporting on Preventive Activities of Schools

The purpose of creating and supporting an on-line system of uniform reporting on preventive activities carried out at Czech schools is to unify the content, volume and methods of monitoring, to establish a uniform structure of reports on preventive activities and to provide the schools with an effective tool for (self)evaluation of implemented activities -



The National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centre and Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers takes part in the development of quality and in professional growth of different groups of pedagogical staff working in schools and educational facilities by offering courses within the area of prevention of risk behaviour and institutional care.