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Workshop on Self-evaluation Tools

The aim of the workshop was to spread the word about the offers of the project among the participants and, in particular, to familiarize the participants with evaluation tools that were developed within the project Road to Quality Improvement. Workshops were organized for evaluation instruments Framework for School Self-evaluation and 360° Feedback for the Middle Level Management of the School. In addition, the participants were informed about other evaluation tools of the project. The participants became familiar with the characteristics of the evaluation tools; they could try to control the electronic software support for the tools in practice and discussed the tools and interpretation of evaluation reports provided by the tools.

Workshop on Self-evaluation

The aim of the workshop was to familiarize schools with the basic theoretical base of self-evaluation, arrange for participants sharing of experiences on self-evaluation of schools (which could serve as inspiration and examples of good as well as bad practice) and stimulate collaboration among schools in the field of school self-evaluation. The participants were supposed to share their experiences with each other in terms of planning and implementation of the self-evaluation process. The assumption was that they would share their experience of how they plan to implement the unfinished self-assessment, how they have divided responsibility at school for different areas of self-evaluation, what evaluation criteria they have, what tools they use and in what period - and why, what are the pitfalls or benefits. The aim was for the participants to acquire and subsequently use both the positive and negative findings, gain motivation to improve self-evaluation processes in their schools, and also get, at least some of them, partners for further cooperation.

Workshop on Descriptive Feedback

In the autumn of 2010, three workshops were held focusing on descriptive feedback. They arose from the needs of schools that were primarily in the role of peers. The aim of these workshops was to obtain information on how to give feedback so that it had a predictive value, was understandable, motivating and inspiring (not hurting). The aim was also to get acquainted with the ways - tools to be used by peers when observing (depending on the areas chosen by the school evaluated), try in practice the descriptive formulation of evaluation and recommendations.

Books to Borrow

We would like to offer you the opportunity to borrow books from the library of the National Institute of Education, School Consulting Facility and Facility for Further Education of Teachers, for which we have purchased a number of books from the project Road to Quality Improvement that you may find useful when implementing school self-evaluation.

3rd Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to Quality"

In the third issue of the On the road to Quality bulletin, we focused on the choice of tools, methods and techniques. This theme goes through many contributions and you will learn for example how is it possible to approach the gathering of information, what are the advantages and pitfalls of the most often used methods and how to choose the methods. We will think about what the testing of the results of pupils‘ education could and couldn’t bring us and what are its dangers. We will also deal with the question of how to recognize the quality of evaluation tools and think about what would the change of legislation in the area of self/evaluation, which is being prepared, mean. We will have opportunity to read more interesting articles about the activities we offer you and the experience of your colleagues in the area of self-evaluation. And last but not least – we offer you a unique tool – the framework for the self-evaluation of school.

1st Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to the Quality"


4th Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to Quality"

In the fourth issue of the bulletin On the Road to Quality, we addressed another phase of self-evaluation - processing data and information, analyzing results and interpretation thereof. This theme appears in a number of articles; you can read, for example, about how a school can best exploit the data collected. We also contemplate the fact that when interpreting data we work not only with the data, but also with people, and what the results might mean. We will also offer you practical examples of evaluation and interpretation of data. We also deal with the issue of legislative changes and what new is happening in some activities of the project - now we have focused on the work of self-evaluation consultants who have worked directly in schools since November 2010. We will invite you to workshops in the upcoming school year as well as to our final conference. Last but not least, we will offer you an evaluation tool called Surveys for parents, pupils and teachers.

1st Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to the Quality"

The Bulletin deals with various issues and aspects of the implementation of school self-assessment. We welcome you to the first issue of the bulletin of the national project Road to Quality Improvement, designed to help schools in their self-evaluation processes. We will meet on this journey together twice a year for three years. About 500 schools have signed up to direct participation in some of the project activity, but we would like the rest of you to find something useful for yourselves and inspiration for assessment of your school in the bulletin. In making it, we used your requests and suggestions from the project questionnaire published in Ucitelske noviny newspapers as well as other studies.  

5th Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to Quality"

2nd Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to Quality"

After the first issue, which reported on the new project, we would like to dedicate another issue of our newsletter to the various stages of the self-evaluation process. The second issue of the bulletin is focused on the initial phase of self-evaluation: an analysis of the current status, plan for self-evaluation and selection of criteria and indicators. The theme penetrates in various forms a number of contributions, be it the professional articles or those dealing with experience of the school headmasters.  

6th Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to Quality"

Mutual Visits of Schools

The actual visits of the two partner schools are two-day events in which each school "repays" its visit. In the mutual work during the visits, a four-membered team of the local school meets the team of the visiting school. The ideal situation is when it comes to two schools with similar experiences, which are similar in, for example, the size of the school, the size of the city (municipality) where they are located, but in particular the type of school. These of schools are expected to face comparable problems and dealing with similar situations may be more easily transferable. In no case shall these be competitive schools. Schools choose their own partners independently.


These were one-day events, attended by an average of 10 representatives from 3 to 7 schools. We had prepared workshops with the theme of self-evaluation, evaluation tools and descriptive feedback. Workshops were led by instructors who activated the participants to share experiences.

Peer Review

The Peer Review Activity proposes the schools to go one step further than where the mutual visits take them. It calls on the participating schools to assess purposefully the selected areas in order to give such information to the school that will help it to see things with new eyes and use it to improve their work. The activity brings together the evaluated schools themselves with the team of peers, i.e. with four teachers from a similar school. The evaluated school chooses two areas in which it is seeking information from an outside observer and evaluator, thus from the team of peers.

About the Project



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About the Project

The Road to Quality Improvement project is focused on the all-purpose support of schools in the area of self-assessment. It is a national project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the investigator of which is the National Institution of Technical and Vocational Education (NITVE) and National Institute for Further Education (NIFE), is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Budget of the Czech Republic.

Educational Programs

Mutual Learning

Road to Quality Improvement Project provided schools with activities aimed at sharing experiences, learning and assessment. The central theme of these activities was the school self-assessment.

Questions and answers

Recommended Reading

As for the theme of self-evaluation, we recommend the following books and information sources of various types, from methodological guides that can be used as a practical guide to professional publications that may help you to put the practical experience of implementing self-evaluation into a theoretical framework.


Evaluation Tools

Names of Evaluation Tools, which we have planned to provide

Names of Evaluation Tools, which we have planned to provide

Areas of school quality

Evaluation Tools